Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bloom Box: Fuel cell technology yields a power plant in a box

This could very well be the next major breakthrough ever since Nikola Tesla wanted to share Free Energy to the people. Makes me wonder if they are going to try to cover this one up as well.
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Power to the People!  It's quite a natural (and human) reaction to be skeptical about anything that challenges or threatens long-held beliefs, axioms or physical science.  Well, another 'challenger' and company has entered the ring.  This new company will be publicly announcing their product, the Bloom Box, TOMORROW, Wednesday, February, 24th, 2010. 
The Bloom Box is fundamentally, a Fuel Cell technology-based solution to generate electricity.  The amazing aspect of this product, is its size and properties.  Each 'box' is roughly 6" square and contains many, flat ceramic plates, each plate representing a fuel cell.  They are then stacked together, with a thin metal plate between each fuel cell.  Two ingredients are required to produce electricity; oxygen or air, and fuel, which can be natural gas, methane gas, solar energy or fossil fuel.  Two of the 6" Bloom Boxes can continuously power a home in the U.S. 
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