Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tesla's Free Energy

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I hear of all the remarks that Nikola Tesla was crazy or had demons or a wizard. Among so many other things. But, throughout all my studies I tend to find a man that was trying his hardest to help the entire world be able to use Totally Free Energy. Sound crazy?
If you go back and study what had really happened. You find the same greedy and money hungry driven people that just simply realized that Free Energy is not profitable. This exact drive caused the to literally ruin Nikola Tesla's Life and dreams for a better tomorrow for everyone.
His visions alone are used in many ways today. But, only the profitable kind. His Tower actually works. Wait, don't I mean worked? No. It works today. We just are not able to tap into it.

See when they found out that his Free Energy Tower was actually capable of giving the entire world free energy. They not only cut his funds but destroyed all of his work. Leaving him to die a poor man living in an apartment. But more on that part later.
Below are some clips. The first shows what his plans were from an older movie. The next 2 shows you how it actually works today. Yet there is so much more I want to show you all. The last one shows the possibilities of this power being used by the magnetic for with in our own atmosphere. Free Energy Today?

Enjoy and leave any comments if you can.

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Collecting all those microwaves, radio waves, tv waves, electromagnetic radiation and brain waves from the atmosphere
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Demonstration of Tesla's Wireless Power Transmission System duplicated at the Tesla Tech Conference a couple of weeks ago.
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This video is about two projects in one the main project is my levitator which I'm working to increase lev range, the second project is wireless transmission of power.
See the rest of my levitation...
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  1. The time for free energy has arrived. Are you familiar with what Dr. Greer is doing along these lines?

  2. Tesla was certainly a man who was well ahead of his time. It is great we are finally acting upon his genius for the good of this world....thanks!